NOVOX partnership program is designed to remunerate and reward introducers for referring customers to us.
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Introducing Broker Fund Manager Institutional Partner

Build Your Business Future with NOVOX

NOVOX is felling deep pleasure for cooperation with all partners, total amount of partners are receiving generous rewards by flexible commission policy. There are some exclusive cooperation services with every agent who has deep cooperation with NOVOX.

Customized marketing services

Online activity support

Exhibition and salon support

Authoritative endorsement

Training support

Strategical analysis support


NOVOX treasures every IB who have cooperated with us in depth. You are welcomed to join us, no matter how large your business scale is and how many clients you have. NOVOX has offered generous rewards to thousands of partners with the flexible IB policy, and you can earn continual commissions if the clients you have introduced conduct trading’s. Besides, each of the broker in-depth cooperation with us can enjoy the exclusive cooperation services of NOVOX as follows:
> Hight commission income, exceeding the average level in this industry to a great extent.
> The amount of commission is unlimited, commission will be funded to the IB account when client has closed the position.
> Multi-functional big data statistical charts to assist brokers to monitor business performance in all aspects.
> Providing a variety of free high-effect marketing activities and Promotional material.
> New client can gain the exclusive discount and generous reward for commission trading, it is a great way for increasing broker’s client conversion rates.
> The exclusive client manager of IB provides one-to-one services to help the brokers to conduct their business and solve the problem of attracting problem.

Fund Managers

As a partner of NOVOX, fund managers will enjoy NOVOX's superior trading advantages. NOVOX will provide advanced hedging tools and the best technical support, including multi-account management MAM and PAMM, in conjunction with everything a fund manager needs to stay ahead of the game in forex trading with competitive pricing and pass-through processing.
> low foreign currency spread, high commission income and transaction are fluency.
> With various trading distribution modes, multiple accounts are operated under one platform.
> Commission is flexible, and there are various ways of increasing benefits.
> Provide solutions for EA, hedging, and short-swing trading.
> It provides the perfect background service, which can get real-time income information, and support high-efficiency withdrawals.

Institutional agent

For senior brokers who have accumulated certain customer resources, NOVOX provides a more in-depth cooperation model and invites you to become our agency agent. Combined with the resource advantages in your region, with the help of our brand advantages and platform resources, it will bring a brand-new transformation for your broker business.
> It enjoys high commission rate, with multi-level rebate systems, the rebate income of which increases with levels.
> The safe and stable technical support is helpful to ensure the rapid execution of trading orders.
> Customised agency activities with bonus events, trading competition, overseas luxury tours etc. You name it.
> Full range of training support, to help agents staff in-depth study the overall business process of foreign exchange industry chain.
> The brand effect of Novox can be used to develop customers in an all-round way around the world.

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