FAQ session, a quick understand of NOVOX
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1.How to open an account in Novox ?
Log in the official website of NOVOX https://www.novoxfx.com, find "account opening" in the navigation bar of the home page, click "account opening" to enter the registration information page, fill in your personal information and upload the scanned copy of your identification, card, the audit team will review your file, and send an email to inform you of the account opening on the same day.
2.Is it safe to open an account to operate fund transactions in Novox ?
Is it safe to open an account to operate fund transactions in Novox ?
3.What is the minimum amount of funds to open an account in Novox ?
Novox has unlimited minimum entry threshold. But if you want to do foreign exchange trading, you need to inject at least $200 into your account to start foreign exchange trading.
4.Is the virtual account the same as the real account?
Simulated accounts and real accounts are the same source of quotation, but for technical reasons, real accounts and simulated accounts do not enjoy the same trading environment. Because orders from simulated accounts do not enter the real trading market, they are not comparable with real accounts. Simulated accounts are designed to enable traders to trade on a platform, so they do not provide a real trading experience.
5.How to apply for a virtual account?
Open Novox official website, click Open Simulated Account, fill in the relevant information, we will send the Simulated Account in your mailbox; or you can also through MT4 client, point files - New Simulated Account, and then apply for the Simulated Account step by step according to the prompt.