Margin Policys

Margin policies can reduce your transaction costs substantially.
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NOVOX offers a maximum leverage on CFDs up to 400:1, while the defaulted leverage for a new user is 200:1. You can choose a suitable leverage based on your needs and trading accounts. If you wish to adjust a different leverage, please note this on the application or contact us. 
When a customer has many accounts, the funds of all accounts related are included in the maximum fund limit of the account.
If the net value of funds exceeds the original leverage, the customers will receive an email notifying them to reduce the leverage or withdraw funds. Normally, NOVOX will process it after receiving customer feedback. However, if customers fails to make any response, the leverage will be reduced automatically.

Margin calculation example

Your margin is calculated as follows:

Position-opening capital:

margin ratio:


The price of the euro against the US dollar (Europe/US) is 1.1406/1.1407, and you decide to sell 2 lots (equal to €200,000) at 1.1406.


The current margin ratio is 0.2% (leverage is 500), so the margin is USD $228,120*0.2%=USD $456.24.