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Crude oil has a very perfect trading mechanism making it the most common product in commodity trading. The sharp price fluctuations are mainly affected by political factors and supply and demand. The market situation is straightforward, and the trend is easy to grasp. For investors who are interested in the price speculation, it has a great appeal and trading advantages. NOVOX international offers customers two crude oil trading products: west Texas intermediate (XTIUSD) and Brent (XBRUSD).

Commodity trading example

The gross profit of your transaction is calculated as follows:

Position-opening price:

Position- closing price:

Gross trading profit:

Open a position

The price of Brent crude oil is 61.689/61.753, and you decide to sell 2 lots (equal to $123,506) at 61.753.

(The contract size of your position is 2000x61.753=123,506 USD, and your trading account leverage is 1:200. The margin required to open a position is $123,506/200=$616.89 USD)

Close a position

Brent crude oil falls to 59.102/60.000 a week later, and you decide to buy 2 lots at the stop-profit point of 60.000.
Commodities Description Contratc size Standard account Xero account
Spread Spread Commission
XTIUSD US crude oil 1000 Barrels 40 12 7 USD
XBRUSD Brent crude oil 1000 Barrels 40 10 7 USD